Budget friendly Photo Wall Ideas

25 Budget-friendly Photo Wall Ideas | Easy Photo Wall Ideas

Transform your home with these amazing budget-friendly photo wall ideas! You can even engage your kids in these DIY photo wall ideas.

Looking at those old pictures bring back all the good memories and fill out hearts with love! These DIY photo wall ideas will inspire you to bring those photos out of the album and display them on the wall. Plus, you’ll transform the empty looking walls with something artistic. With all the time we have in this COVID-19 pandemic, these and budget-friendly photo wall ideas are the best way to cure boredom and get something productive out of it.

1. DIY Poster Hanger

Budget Friendly DIY Poster Hanger

Hanging posters on the wall is something we all did during our college days! Here is a budget-friendly photo wall idea to do it with a twist by using a non-conventional wooden frame.

2. Clothespin Photo Wall

Budget Friendly Clothespin Photo Wall

This cute and economical photo wall DIY requires clothespin and a thick string! Simply stick 3-4 photos on the string using a clothespin and hang that string on the wall.

3. Fairy Lights Photo Wall

Fairy Light DIY

Don’t know what to do with those fairy lights after Christmas? Here‘s a way to use those fairy lights artistically. All you need to do this stick your photos to fairy lights and hang it on the wall.

4. Photo Mosaic Wall Art

DIY Photo Mosiac

Want to surprise your loved ones? Gift them photo mosaic, which includes pictures of your special moments together. The easy step by step tutorial is here.

5. DIY Photo Heart Collage

DIY Photo Heart Collage

Stick the photos that bring back fond memories in a heart shape on the wall. You can leave the center space blank or write something memorable. We got the inspiration from here.

6. Black and White Photo Display

Black and White Photo Display

Black and white photos possess a timeless quality to them and never go out of trend. Choose some personal favorite of yours and get them framed printed out. Golden frames contrast well with black and white photos. Go for a black or white frame for a classy look, as we found here.

7. DIY Pet Photo Wall Clock

DIY Pet Photo Wall Clock

Have a customized photo clock in no time by following this easy tutorial. You can even have pictures of your pets on display and make a different clock for each room.

8. Wooden hanger frames

Wooden Hanger Photo Frame

An easy and straightforward DIY that won’t require hours of tedious work. All you need is wooden hanger frames and a favorite photo of yours! The detailed tutorial is here.

9. Budget-Friendly String Photo Wall Ideas

Budget Friendly String Photo Wall Ideas

Your search for an easy and simple DIY ends here! All you need is a yarn string or any string for that matter, tiny nails, and glue to stick your photos to the string.

10. Chalkboard Gallery Wall

This inexpensive DIY project is done on hardboard double-coated with black paint. Stick up the photo on the hardwood and let the kids take the task of drawing borders around it. Know more here.

11. Grid Photo Wall

DIY Grid Photo Wall

Simply hang the grid on the wall and attach photos to it! You can even spray paint the grid to make it more colorful and happening.

12. Ombre Photo Wall

Ombre Photo Wall

Don’t let the photos of friends and family stay in the closet! With this Ombre photo wall idea, you can bring out each picture to life. The step by step tutorial is here!

13. Mini Photo wall

Mini Photo Wall

Not much space left on the wall? Don’t worry as with the small 2 x 3 sized photos; you can have as many pictures as you like in a single frame. We got inspired by Abeautifulmess.

14. DIY Tape Photo Wall Frame

DIY Tape Photo Wall Frame

The only requirement for this minimalist photo wall idea is tape! Stick your photos to the wall and draw colorful borders of different shapes around it. Washi tape or poster tape are good choices.

 15. Clipboard Photo Wall

Clipboard Photo Wall

Swap your photos or even change them whenever you want in whichever order. Hang clipboards on the wall and attach your photos to it. It’s that simple!

16. Split Photo Wall Art

DIY Split Photo Wall Art

Split the photo into 2, 3, 4, or even more parts and hang it spaced apart a few inches, so it creates a whole image. Use Adobe or any photo split app do split the photo and get it printed from any local printing shop or online printing service.

17. Staircase Photo Wall Idea

Staircase Photo Wall Idea

Space available beside the staircase wall is usually empty and dull. Brighten up that space by putting up photos on that wall. Pro tip “hang the photos in a manner that the slope remains parallel to the staircase.”

18. DIY Arranged Grid Photo Wall

DIY Grid Photo Wall

This budget-friendly photo wall idea requires only a ruler and poster tape! Make sure to space out the photos evenly using a ruler for a neat and consistent effect.

19. Wooden Ladder Photo Wall

Wooden Ladder Photo Wall

It’s an idea for those of you who have an old wooden ladder degrading away in the storeroom. Tie a string across each rung, and you’ll get to have photos on each level. Either poke a hole in the picture and pass the string through it or use a clip to attach the photo.

20. DIY Photo Ledges

DIY Photo Ledges

Photo ledges are perfect for featuring framed pictures or any other artwork. Spray or paint the ledges to give them a personal touch. The detailed tutorial is here!

21. DIY Foam Board

Budget Friendly Foamboard Photo Wall

Stick your photos on the foamboard and hang in on the wall. The photos pop out more on the foamboard, bringing them more into focus and giving a lively appearance. We got inspired by this post!

22. DIY Window Frame Photo

DIY Window Frame Photo

Don’t know what to do with those window panes after renovating your home? Turn them into vintage frames with this creative Window photo frame idea!

23. Antique Photo Wall

Antique Photo Wall Idea

Ornate metallic and wooden frames are well- suited for creating that all-time antique look. Experiment with different circular and square frame shapes.

24. DIY Timeline Gallery Photo Wall

DIY Wall Timeline

Create photo frames and add years to them to arrange the photos in a chronological manner. Choose the personal favorites of yours from each year! Instructions are here.

25. Binder Clip Photo Wall

Budget Friendly Binder Clip Photo Wall

For this budget-friendly DIY, you’ll need binder clips and nails to hand them on the wall. It’s that easy and simple!

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