30 Marvellous DIY Plant Propagation Station ideas that’ll Blow your Mind

Propagation station is a designated location where the propgates grow. Here are some of the best DIY Plant Propagation Station ideas for you!

Propagating plants is always fun, but imagine participating in this fun activity by making¬†a propagation station. Apart from the obvious benefits of having a new plant, the propagation station also adorn the walls, tabletops and other spaces. You’ll also save up space by growing multiple plants in vertical propagation station. When you propagate the cutting in the water, you’ll see the roots as they grow in transparent propagation stations. However, some plants grow only in the soil, in which case propagation in the soil becomes a compulsion. Whichever method of propagation you choose, these DIY Propagation station ideas won’t cease to amaze you!¬†

1. DIY Wall Propagation Station

DIY Wall Propagation Station

This wall propagation station uses test tubes to propagate plants which wooden test tube holders support. We got the inspiration from hiltoncarter

2. DIY Propagation Box

Box propagation is probably the easiest propagation station to make on the list. Get busy gardening came up with a detailed tutorial for the DIY propagation box. 

3. Hydro Pendulum Propagation Station

Hydro Pendulum Propagation Station

Liven up the workspace by propagating plants in this hydro pendulum vase!

4. DIY Hexagonal Propagation Planter

Time to put your carpentry skills to the test by creating this hexagonal propagation station using wooden planks. As plants are propagated vertically, it’ll save up space as well.

5. DIY Test Tube Propagation Station

test tube propagation station

All you need is to make a wooden test tube stand that fits the size of the test tube, and you are ready to go! You can also buy it from any online store if you don’t want to go through the hassle.

6. DIY Metal Plant Station

Makeshift the metal rod into various geometric shapes to create this awe-inspiring propagation planter. You can paint the metal rods with whichever color you desire.

7. DIY Wooden Propagation Planter

diy wooden propagation planter

Use wooden blocks to make this propagation planter by making holes of suitable sizes for test tubes. It’s a fun and easy project that requires little to no effort.

8. DIY Propagation Station

DIY Propagation Station

This DIY Propagation station tutorial is probably the most detailed on the list. It hardly takes up any space and is perfect for windowsills and tabletop.

9. Indoor Hanging Propagation Planter

Indoor Hanging Propagation Planter

This Instagrammer took the propagation station to the next level by incorporating test tubes in hanging chalkboards. Here is the insta handle!

10. DIY Upcycled Banana Hanger

Who would have thought that a banana holder can be turned into this cool propagation planter with a hanging flask! Want to know more? Click here.

11. Hanging Bulb Propagation Planter

Hanging Bulb Propagation Planter

Recycle old bulbs to plant cuttings and hang them using thread or thin rope. Here is the step-by-step tutorial.

12. Macrame Propagation Station

Macrame Propagation Station

Looking for a fancy way to propagate plants? Then look no further than this Macrame propagation station. As macrame comes in different colors, choose one that fits the bill.

13. Up-cycled Glass Jar Propagation Station

Up-cycled Glass Jar Propagation Station

Make your own hanging propagation planter using nothing but rope and glass jars. Easy isn’t it!

14. Boho Propagation Planter

Here‘s a perfect planter to add that boho touch to your indoor space. Although we go inspired by Etsy, the picture is pretty much self-explanatory so you can make it on your own.

15. DIY Wall Glass Propagation Planter


Who could have thought that glass jar vases could come in so handy! Choose any shape you want and simply hang it over to the wall.

16.DIY Pothos Propagation Station

 DIY Pothos Propagation Station

Pothos is probably an ideal plant for propagation station as it grows easily from cutting in water. Epicgardening has a detailed post on how to grow pothos in the water!

17. DIY Test Tube Propagation Planter

DIY Test Tube Propagation Planter

There is nothing more rewarding than this test tube propagation planter if you are a plant lover. The detailed guide is here

18. DIY Hanging Macrame Propagation Line

DIY Hanging Macrame Propagation Line

Macrame isn’t just limited to curtains and furniture, as you can also use it for this stunning hanging propagation planter. All you need is macrame and mason jars.

19. Snake Plant Propagation Station

Snake Plant Propagation Station

Propagating snake plants in water is possible, and here‘s how! It’ll look great in a mason jar or any other jar, for that matter.

20. DIY Jeweled Test Tube Propagation Vases

Jeweled Test Tube Propagation Vases

Propagation vases are perfect for growing a budding plant or anything else for that matter. Check out the tutorial here!

21. Modern Arch Propagation Planter

Modern Arch Propagation Planter

We found another propagation planter by vintage revivals with the tutorial! Although it requires some effort, the final results are worth it.

22. DIY Pilea Propagation Station

DIY Pilea Propagation Station

Also known as the Chinese money plant, the Pilea Peperomioides are easy to grow and perfect for propagation stations. Want to know more? Click here!

24. Up-cycled Whale Propagation Planter

Have old toys lying in the house but don’t know what to do with them? Well, how about turning them as propagation planters as we did!

25. DIY Vertical Test Tube Propagation Station

DIY Vertical Test Tube Propagation Station

Vertical propagation saves up a lot of space and works as an ideal decor for those empty walls. We got the inspiration from a Reddit user!

26. DIY Pizza Pan Propagation Station

Create a propagation station using only dollar store items and a pizza pan! Check out the video tutorial to learn more.

27. Spherical Propagation Planter

Spherical Propagation Planter

The hanging ball-shaped globes of water look magical, especially in a well-lit room. We got the inspiration from this Instagram post.

28. Tabletop Test Tube Propagation Station

This Instagrammer used the miter saw for the first time for the making of this propagation station. We are sure you’ll do a great job with this project.

29. DIY Mirrored Honeycomb Propagation Station

DIY Mirrored Honeycomb Propagation Station

Here‘s a propagation station that has everything from a cool geometric shape to mirror inlays.

30. Repurposed Candle Votive Propagation Station

Repurpose this glass and metal wall scone by Wayfair and propagate plants in it. We found it here!

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