DIY Rain Chain

DIY Rain Chain | Rain Chain Ideas to Transform Home Garden

Kudos to you for willing to transform your home garden. With these jaw-dropping DIY Rain Chain Ideas, you aren’t far behind your goal!

When it comes to revamping your home garden, backyard, or balcony garden, we go to extreme lengths and even spend a substantial amount on it. But what if we told you could revamp your home and garden with little effort and money! Well, don’t act surprised you already know that we are talking about the rain chain. A simple rain chain not only enhances the beauty of surroundings but also replaces traditional downspout. Here we provide some of the best-handpicked DIY Rain Chain Ideas that’ll blow your mind!

1. Copper Rain Chain

DIY Rain Chain

Using recycled lengths of copper tubing is an effective and easy way to make a rain chain. The Copper tubing helps to direct rainfall away from the house to a drain or storage container. It can stand heavy rain, and the big rings of copper create an appealing water downpour. Get more details here.

2. Stone Rain Chain

Stone Rain Chain
This rain chain consists of polished stones and thin wire. Wrap polished stones into the links of a chain using thin wire. The links themselves are connected with wire spirals. We can also use different things like shells or crystals in place of stone. The complete tutorial is here.

3. Bucket Rain Chain

Bucket Rain Chain

Although it seems like this rain chain idea is pretty expensive, it’s made just under 30 bucks! Don’t believe us? Checkout yourself by going through this post on curbly!

4. Metal Sheet Rain Chain

Metal Rain Chain

Metal is highly malleable, so it’s easy to make thin sheets of metal and form a rain chain. Cut leaf shape pieces of metal from the thin sheet and bundle them together to create a beautiful rain chain. You can paint the leaf shape pieces as you like. We got the inspiration from here!

5. Ombre Rain Chain DIY

DIY Ombre Rain Chain

This rain chain consists of miniature terracotta pots. Connect the pots along the chain by running the chain through the hole at the bottom of the pot. There are endless possibilities of color customization and decoration designs on the miniature pots. More details are available at Designsponge!

6. Plastic Cup Rain Chain

Plastic Cup Rain Chain

It’s one of the cheapest ways to make a rain chain. All houses have old plastic cups that can be used to form a rain chain. One of the drawbacks is that it can crumble under heavy rainfall. Know more here!

7. Glass And Copper Rain Chain

Glass and Copper Wire Rain Chain

The transparency of glass gives a stunning appearance to the rain chain. Polish the glass surface to make it shiny. Then Make loops of copper wire around the glass to make a rain chain! Click here for more info.

8. DIY Funnel Rain Chain

DIY Funnel Rain Chain

Aluminum is a cheap metal and readily available. Connect funnels of aluminum with a chain for this easy Funnel and Chain DIY.

9. DIY Spoon Rain Chain

Spoon Rain Chain

This rain chain is made of recycled spoons, which gives it a rusty appearance. The spoons are bent, and handles are used to create the chain itself. It is an excellent idea to make use of your old items. For the detailed tutorial, click here!

10. Fork and Spoon Rain Chain

Here‘s another good example to make a rain chain from recycled materials. Use forks with spoons to make this rain chain. Both are arranged alternately, and their handles make up the chain.

11. Zip Tie Rain Chain

ZIp-tie Rain Chain

Do you have extra zip ties lying in your house? Create an effortless rain chain of vibrant colors by using nothing but zip ties. The details are here!

12.  Pine Cones

Pine Cone Rain Chain

Don’t we love how pine cones look? By collecting some large pine cones and connecting them with the help of metal, links are an easy way to make a rain chain. To prevent decay apply weather-resistant coating!

13. Metal Buckets Rain Chain

Bucket Rain Chain

Stacking metal buckets in a chain is one of the easiest ways to form a rain chain. Put the chain through all the buckets by removing their base. They can withstand heavy downpour and can siphon-off a heavy amount of water to the drains. We go the detailed post right here!

14. Ceramic Disc Rain Chain

This rain chain is made up of polished ceramics. Different colors of ceramics can be used to create a contrasting effect. The soothing sound of this rain chain is bliss to hear! The easy steps are here!

15. Rain Chain Water Feature

Rain Chain Water Feature

Want to create a focal point for your garden? Nothing beats the rain chain water feature! The detailed tutorial is available on Hunker!

16. DIY Rain Chain Basin

DIY Rain Chain Basin

Rain chain basin is perfect for those who like the sound of water cascading down in a basin. For this DIY, you’ll need small terra cotta pots and a large terra cotta basin. The instructions are here!

For other rain chain basin ideas, check out these DIY rain chain Pinterest!

17. DIY Rain Chain Cups

You can make this stunning rain chain DIY with old brass cups or candle holders! We have provided the easy video tutorial below.

18. Yogurt Cup Rain Chain

DIY Yogurt Cup Rain Chain

Next time you have ice-cream or yogurt in plastic cups, don’t throw them away. Instead, reuse them to make this super easy rain chain!

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