11 DIY LEGO Planter Ideas | Make Planter with LEGOs

With these awe-inspiring Lego planter ideas, you’ll be able to fashion planter planters out of Legos in a cinch. We have curated some of the best DIY Lego planters below.

LEGO can be arranged fashion out almost anything, and there is a huge fan base for it and not just among kids. But can you fashion Lego bricks into planters? Well, the good news is that you can and that too with astounding results. It’s a fun and engaging way to introduce children to the world of planting while doing something creative with LEGOs. If you are a LEGO enthusiast, you’ll definitely love these DIY Lego planter ideas that we will share in this post.

1. DIY Mini Lego Planter

diy mini lego planter

This cute little idea is perfect for small plants, especially succulents that do not require much space. We got inspiration from this here!

2. DIY Lego Seed Starter

DIY lego seed starter

How amazing would it be to start your seeds in a seed starter built by Lego? That’s exactly what is done here.

3. DIY Succulent Lego Planter

Incorporate your love for succulents and Lego planter by bringing both these together. Children will love this DIY Lego project!

4. DIY Black & White Lego Planter

Source: Pinterest

This Lego planter has a brilliant pattern of black and white checks. The good news is that you can create a different pattern for each planter.

5. DIY Lego Vase

diy lego vase

We got the inspiration for this simple yet classy Lego vase idea from Instructables. It doesn’t hold water seal the insides with paint or transparent glass.

6. DIY Lego Container

large lego brick planter

This vibrant Lego container adds a flair of color to any space and is made by using Lego bricks. The source is here!

7. Lego Container DIY

lego container planter
Source: Pinterest

This large container is made using Lego bricks and enough space to grow multiple plants. Choose the shades of bricks that appeal to you the most.

8. Succulent Lego Planter

diy lego planter

Here‘s a succulent Lego planter that has Legos at the bottom to seal off the base. You can grow pretty succulents in this planter.

9. Small Lego Planter DIY

diy lego planter

Who could have thought that solo Lego blocks could be turned into Lego planters. Choose small plants with a shallow root system for this Lego planter.

10. DIY Lego Planter Box

Diy lego container planter

Place your pots in Lego planters, and it’ll appear as if the plant is growing out of the Lego planter itself. The source is here!

11. DIY Lego Cup Planter

DIY Cup Lego planter

Who could have thought you could fashion a Lego cup into a planter. Well, that’s exactly what we did!

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