How long do carrots take to grow in containers

How Long do Carrots Take to Grow in Containers

Growing carrots in the container aren’t much different from growing carrots in the field. But what about the harvest time? Let’s find out how long does it take to grow carrots in containers.

Harvesting Carrots from containers

Growing carrots in the container is an easy and convenient way to get a fresh harvest at hand. But is growing carrots in a container any different from growing carrots in the field? Most importantly, is the harvest time different for carrots in the container than carrots in the field. How long do carrots take to grow in the containers? Let’s find out!

Harvest Time for Carrots

After sowing seeds, it takes anywhere from between 60-80 days for the carrots to be mature and ready for harvest. Now the days might differ slightly depending on the variety, but usually, when the tops are visible above the soil, the carrot is ready for harvest. You can even harvest young carrots 10-15 days before they a fully mature as they are sweeter and tender when harvested young. Is the time any different for harvesting carrots in containers? The short answer is no!

Harvest Time for Carrots in Containers

There isn’t any difference in harvest time weather you grow carrots in containers or your backyard. As mentioned above, your carrots will be ready for harvest in 60-80 days. Still, the harvest time may differ if you don’t care for carrots based on their needs in the container. When given proper care in the container, they will be ready for harvest on time. Sometimes gardeners tend to cramp up carrots in the container to increase the yield. But it may have a negative impact on the growth as when crammed up in small space and not allowed enough room to grow the carrots grow out to be leggy and shunted. So, to have a good quality carrot harvest right on time, make sure to space the carrots adequately apart.

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How to Harvest Carrots in Container

Harvesting carrots in the container is quite simple. Once the head is visible, loosen up the soul around carrots using a small spade or any other such tool. Grab the carrot green and move the carrot around to loosen up the soil even more. Once the soil is loose enough around the carrot, pull it out. It’s that simple! Don’t use too much force as it can damage the carrot.

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