18 Stunning Apartment Balcony Lighting Decoration Ideas

Do you feel that your apartment balcony seems to lack spark? These DIY apartment balcony lighting decoration ideas will brighten and lighten up your apartment balcony.

For urban dwellers, apartment balconies always have been their safe-haven! Add to that the onset of COVID and work from home culture, balconies have become the new break spot. So, it makes sense to revamp the balcony, especially if you have a good view. Lighting decoration in the balconies is an incredible way to amp up the vibe of the apartment balcony. Check out these amazing apartment balcony lighting decoration ideas that’ll blow your mind.

1. Modern Bulb String Light

apartment balcony lighting

Bulb string lights create a stunning backdrop in the balcony, especially on the side balcony walls. Get the inspiration from the artstation!

2. String Light Balcony Decoration

String lights are cheap and easy to install, making them our top pick for apartment balcony decoration. You’ll bring a magical cozy feeling to your balcony by decorating it with string lights.

3. Night Scene Balcony


This scenic balcony incorporates the use of orb lights and lamps. Get inspiration from images and give your apartment balcony a personal touch when designing.

4. DIY Bamboo Screen Apartment Balcony

DIY Bamboo Screen Apartment Balcony

Using bamboo as a screen creates privacy from peeping eyes and provides ample space to hang decorative lights. We got inspired by this post.

5. Icicle Light Balcony Decoration


A balcony so stunning you’ll feel like living in it! Icicle lights hanging at the top create a beautiful contrast with the dark sky at night.

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6. Fairy Starlight Apartment Balcony

Fairy Starlight Apartment Balcony

This creative apartment balcony decoration shows that wonders can be done even with small spaces. Here‘s the creator!

7. Cozy Balcony Sanctuary

Cozy Balcony Sanctuary

Create a cozy and beautiful hub on your balcony with string lights and a basket chair. We got the inspiration from here!

8. Modern Apartment Balcony Lighting

Modern Apartment Balcony Lighting

This glorious balcony setup comprises LED strip lights as a border and a disco light at the top. We found it at artsian!

9. Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor String Lights

Learn how to hand string lights on the deck railing with this home depot post! You’ll also learn to hang string lights in other spaces outdoors.

10. DIY Paper Star Lantern

DIY Paper Star Lantern

This post by apieceofrainbow illustrates how to make a paper star lantern that looks great hanging on the apartment balcony!

11. Ball Light Balcony Decoration


Hang ball lights and place a couch on your balcony to enhance the overall feel of the apartment balcony. You can use some electric candles as well!

12. Fall Balcony Sanctuary


Want to enjoy the fall colors from the cozy space of the balcony? Nothing beats this stunning fall balcony decoration idea!

13. Summer Balcony Sanctuary


Summers is an excellent season to enjoy leisure time on the balcony. We came across this stunning summer balcony decoration idea with small string bulbs.

14. Mason Jar Lights

Mason Jar Lights

Revamp your balcony by reusing mason jars lying around the house for decoration. The detailed DIY to install lights in a mason jar is here!

15. Balcony Ladder Lantern

Balcony Ladder Lantern

This charming ladder lantern brightens up the balcony and is a cinch to make. Check out this post to know more!

16. LED Festive Lights

LED Festive Lights on balcony

Hang the LED string lights where you deem fit and see how the balcony transforms. After revamping, don’t forget to invite your friends and loved ones to a balcony dinner party!

17. DIY Jam Jar Lights

DIY Jam Jar Lights

Who could have thought that jam jars could be used to create hanging lanterns? It’s a cheap and easy way to lighten up the balcony we found here!

18. Closed Apartment Balcony Lights

closed apartment balcony decoration

Even if you have a closed balcony, you can incorporate glass hanging candles and string lights to set the mood!

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