11 DIY Moss Pole Ideas | Make your Own Moss Pole

Learn how to make moss pole with these DIY moss pole ideas out there! Making your own moss pole is fun and requires little to no effort.

Ever felt cheated with the cheap quality and overpriced moss poles available in the market? It’s high time you learn how to make your own moss pole to prevent such misshap. Sphagnum Moss acts is a perfect material for the vines to stick to and grow and provides good support. Learning how to make a moss pole is a must have skill if you grow climbing plants such as Philodendron, Pothos, or even monstera. We have handpicked the best tutorials to make DIY moss pole.

1. DIY Moss Pole

This DIY Moss pole is made using the most basic materials, including Stake, Sphagnum moss, Monofilament string (fishing line), Scissors, and Staple Gun. The detailed tutorial is here!

2. Easy Sphagnum Moss Pole

Moss pole in a pot with plant

This step-by-step DIY moss pole tutorial is easy to follow and takes up no time with pictures at every step. Click here for the step-by-step instructions.

3. Moss Pole Support DIY

Nothing beats moss when it comes to aerial roots of any plant or even epiphytes that require support. With this tutorial, you can make a moss pole of your own in a cinch. 

4. DIY Sphagnum Moss Pole

DIY Sphagnum Moss Pole

If you thought making a sphagnum moss pole would be difficult, this DIY sphagnum moss pole tutorial would change your mind. By making a moss pole at home, you can rest assured of the quality of the sphagnum moss.

5. DIY Monstera Moss Pole

DIY Monstera Moss Pole

Although moss pole can be used for training any plant, this DIY is specifically about monstera. It’s a perfect choice to support your beloved monstera, which we found here!

6. DIY PVC Pipe Moss Pole

PVC Moss pole supporting plants

This moss pole is made by using PVC pipe and covering it with sphagnum moss with the help of netting. The detailed tutorial is here!

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7. Moss Pole DIY

This moss pole DIY is perfect for small or baby plants as a plastic tube is used as the base. There is also a video tutorial for this DIY!

8. DIY Indoor Plant Moss Pole

monstera growing on a moss pole

Why buy expensive moss poles for support when you can make one on your own. Here‘s a tutorial that will guide you.

9. DIY Wire Mesh Moss Pole

In this DIY, instead of a florist line, a wide hardware cloth (wire mesh) is used to hold sphagnum moss, making the process easier. Check out this post to know more!

10. DIY Mini Moss Pole

sphagnum moss pole in container

Ever wondered how you can guide your baby plant, so they grow upright? DIY Mini moss pole is the answer. We got the inspiration from this article!

11. DIY Large Moss Pole

Own a large plant that requires support look no further than this DIY large moss pole. Click here for the detailed tutorial!

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