How to Grow Philodendron Micans in Pot | Philodendron Micans Care

Philodendron micans steals the show with the velvet leaves. Learn how to grow Philodendron micans in the pot by going through this post.

philodendron micans growing in pot

Scientific Name: Philodendron scandens ‘micans’

Common Names: Velvet Leaf Philodendron, Heartleaf Philodendron, Philodendron Micans

Philodendron micans is a popular climbing philodendron cultivar which means that it does not grow upright and has a vining form. What sets apart the philodendron micans from the heartleaf philodendron is the velvety textured leaves. Similar to other philodendron cultivars, it’s not needy with easy care requirements. You can either allow the stems to trail out from the container or train it over a trellis or other support structure. The branches look great, trailing from hanging baskets and even in containers. Want to know how you can Grow Philodendron micans in the pot? Continue reading!

How to Grow Philodendron Micans in Pot

Growing philodendron micans in the pot does not require special care and is somewhat similar to common heartleaf philodendron. You can either buy the plant from a nearby nursery or any trustworthy online store or propagate it yourself if you get your hands on the parent plant. Go for a pot that’s around 8-10 inches wide and deep with drainage holes at the bottom. As philodendron micans likes to remain slightly root bound so re-pot it only to pot one to two sizes larger when it outgrows the old pot. 

Philodendron Micans Propagation

philodendron micans cutting propagation in water

You can propagate philodendron micans from cuttings or seeds, among which propagation from cuttings is more feasible. Springs and summers are the ideal seasons to take cuttings as the cuttings root more quickly in this season. Take a 6-8 inches long cutting from a healthy stem below the leaf node using sharp shears or scissors. Remove the leaves from the bottom half of the cutting and plant them in a well-draining potting medium. You can also propagate the cutting in water and later transplant it to a potting medium after rooting. Locate the pot at a warm spot where it receives bright indirect light. In a couple of weeks, the roots will start to grow, after which you can transplant the cutting into a new pot or continue growing it in the same one. Congrats! You have successfully propagated philodendron micans.

Choosing the Container

Start the cutting in a pot that’s around 8-10 inches in diameter and depth. There is no need to fret over the material of the pot but make sure that the pot has drainage holes at the bottom. Repot in a pot that’s one or two sizes larger than the parent pot when Philodendron micans becomes pot bound. Philodendron micans also look great in hanging baskets.

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The ideal spot to place philodendron micans is where it receives bright indirect light. You can locate it near a south-facing window with drapes on or even on a balcony or patio where it’s protected from the afternoon sun. It can survive low-lighting but will turn leggy.


Choose a potting mix that drains well and contains organic matter as well. You can buy any good quality houseplant mix or make one on your own by mixing peat moss, vermiculite and perlite in equal amounts. Add aged compost to the soil as it’ll take the nutrient profile of the soil.


Watering needs will depend on the weather, but ideally, you should water when the top one to two-inch inches of the soil becomes dry. Check the soil before watering by poking a finger or stick in the soil to prevent overwatering. Remember, when it comes to watering philodendron micans, less is always more.

Temperature and Humidity

Average room temperature ranging from 65 to 80 degrees F is ideal for growing Philodendron micans. The nighttime temperature should remain above 55 degrees F. Philodendron thrives in humidity, so if you are looking for a plant for the bathroom window, your search ends here. Misting or placing a pebble tray filled with water near the plant are some natural ways to raise humidity levels.

Philodendron Micans Care

Mature Philodendron micans (velvet leaf philodendron) trailing from a pot


Philodendron micans is a vining plant, so pruning can help to keep it in form and prevent leggy growth. Cutting the ends of the vining stems promotes side growth and makes it appear fuller. That being said, if you like the current form of the plant, there is no need for pruning.


Fertilizing Philodendron micans can boost plants growth, especially in the growing season. Go for well-balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer and dilute it half to its strength before application. Fertilizing twice a month will suffice, and avoid overfertilizing as it can lead to more harm than good. Adding aged compost and fish emulsion to the soil enriches the soil organically. Do not fertilize in winters!

Pests and Diseases

Common garden pests such as aphids, spider mites, mealybugs, and scale can cause some damage to the plant. Get rid of these pesky creatures by spraying neem oil or soap solution over the foliage. It can also succumb to root rot caused due to overwatering. 

Philodendron Micans toxicity

Philodendron micans is toxic in nature as it contains calcium oxalate crystals, so keep it out of the reach of pets and children. ASPCA backs this fact as it considers heartleaf philodendron toxic. Oral irritation, pain, swelling of the mouth, tongue, and lips, excessive drooling, vomiting, difficulty swallowing are some signs for which you should watch out.

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