DIY Mexican Paper Flowers | How to Make Mexican Paper Flowers

Make crepe style flower set with these DIY Mexican paper flowers ideas that are easy and fun. Mexican Paper Flowers will last forever!

Mexican paper flowers are very popular in the Mexican culture representing the soul and art of the Day of the dead festival. So not only do Mexican paper flowers serve a decorative purpose, but they also have a cultural significance. Mexican paper flowers are an easy-to-make and fun project in which your children can partake as well. Here are some of our best picks for DIY Mexican Paper Flowers!

1. DIY Mexican Paper Flower

This Youtube tutorial explains in detail how to make a DIY Mexican paper flower. The creator is an origami specialist who has tips for this paper art.

2. DIY Cinco De Mayo Paper Flower

DIY Mexican Paper Flower

Cinco de mayo festival celebrations are incomplete without the Mexican paper flower. Check out this post to know how you can make it.

3. DIY Tissue Paper Mexican Flower

Here’s a Mexican paper Flower that’s pretty easy to make by using tissue paper. Instructables came up with this idea.

4. DIY Crepe Paper Mexican Flower

DIY Crepe Paper Mexican Flower

Nothing beats Mexican Paper flowers when it comes to children’s craft projects. Here is the step-by-step tutorial to make one.

5. DIY Mexican Tissue Paper Flower

DIY Mexican Tissue Paper Flower

This detailed article has all the steps you need to make Mexican Paper flower from tissue. We got the inspiration from here.

6. DIY Colored Paper Mexican Flower

diy colored paper mexican flower

This easy-to-make Mexican paper flower project uses colored tissue paper and is fun to make. Click here to know more!

7. DIY Mexican Paper Flower Crepe Paper

Making paper Mexican flowers switches up the process of making regular paper flowers in a few interesting ways! The video tutorial above shows how.

8. DIY Mexican Flower Crepe Paper

This make-at-home DIY Project uses crepe paper to make bright, bold, and beautiful Mexican flowers. Know more here!

9. DIY Vase Mexican Paper Flower


How cool is this idea where you place the Mexican paper flowers in the vase? You can repurpose an old vase or buy a new one.

10. DIY Giant Mexican Paper Flower

DIY Giant Mexican Paper Flower

Giant Mexican paper flowers are for those looking to create a grandeur with craftmanship. Here are the steps you need to follow!

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