Lavender Rose Care and Growing Tips

Lavender Rose Significance and Growing Tips

Lavender rose is a rare rose that’s seldom seen with hues that scream attention. Care for lavender rose is no different from any other rose. Let’s learn more about the lavender rose and its significance.  

lavender rose close up

Lavender rose is a show-stealer as it comes in the unique light purple shade that attracts onlookers. Lavender rose isn’t common, and growing it will surely revamp any surrounding and amaze onlookers. The varieties range from Old Garden varieties to more Modern rose hybrids providing a wide range of choices. But how can you grow and care for a lavender rose, and is it any different from growing and caring for any other typical rose? Let’s find out!


Whether it’s love, enchantment, or infatuation at first sight, it’s signified by lavender rose. As it isn’t common, when presented to someone, it further multi folds the value of your present and emotion. Shades of purple also symbolize royalty as they were used liberally in the Roman and Greek empires and later in the colonial period. So the lavender rose also denote regal majesty, splendor, and royalty. As it’s hard to get hands-on lavender rose, it also relates to mystery, quest, or a magical feel.


You can propagate lavender rose from cuttings or division, among which propagation from cuttings is the common and easier method of growing roses. Take a cutting from any healthy stem of an existing lavender rose and root it in a growing medium. Buying bare root rose, or container rose from a nursery, or any online garden store is another option if you don’t own a lavender rose Plant. Also, inquiring at the local nursery to take cutting will save both your time and money. Plant the cutting in the garden or the container, and make sure to keep the potting medium moist. 


The ideal time for planting rose cuttings is from early springs to late summers. The lavender rose blooms from mid-spring to the fall, going on and off throughout the season. Hybrid roses, miniatures, floribundas are repeat blooming, ever-blooming, or free-flowering, whereas the heirloom lavender roses bloom yearly in spring and then in the fall. 

Tips For Growing Lavender Rose

lavender rose cut flower in a vase

  • Choose a location that receives at least 5-6 hours of direct sun as it encourages healthy growth and blooming. 
  • Lavender rose doesn’t like wet feet, so make sure to plant it in well-draining soil that holds moisture to some extent. 
  • Adding perlite, peat moss, or vermiculite to the soil will improve drainage of the soil and make it excellent for planting rose to cut.
  • When grown in containers, ensure that the pot has drainage holes at the bottom.
  • Roses have prickly thorns, so wear gloves while taking the cutting and planting.
  • Take cutting around 6-8 inches in length and have at least four nodes with a sharp tool at around 45 degrees angle.
  • Remove the leaves from the cutting and leave a couple of leaves at the top half to redirect the plants’ energy towards root growth. 
  • Make a conscious effort to take a cutting from the top side of the Plant as it increases the chances of successful rooting.
  • Dip the cutting in the rooting hormone to speed up the rooting process.
  • Make a 2-inch hole in the potting soil and plant the cutting in it; make sure to pack the soil around the stem.
  • Covering the cutting with a plastic sheet or mason jar will create a greenhouse-like effect and aid in rooting.
  • Bright light and moisture are an absolute must to the lavender rose for successful propagation.


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