DIY Garden Tower | Awe-inspiring Tower Garden Ideas

DIY Garden Tower | Awe-inspiring Tower Garden Ideas

It’s remarkable how these DIY Garden Tower Ideas save up space without compromising on anything! With these Garden tower ideas, you can transform both home and garden.

Having a Garden tower in your yard or home is aesthetically pleasing and can also provide edible produce. The planters placed on top of each other gives us the advantage of using the small space efficiently. Garden tower uses vertical space and requires support structure, openings, and drainage systems. There are countless ideas for creating your Tower garden, and here are some of the best ones!

1. PVC Pipe Garden Tower

PVC Vertical Garden Tower

Use PVC pipes to make this vertical garden tower that’s undoubtedly going to turn heads. The detailed tutorial is available on HGTV!

2. Vertical Garden Tower DIY

Vertical Garden Tower DIY

Stack terracotta pots over one another to make this fantastic DIY vertical tower garden. You can grow herbs, flowers, plants, or whatever you like. Locate garden towers at the corners of your yard or the entrance. The step by step tutorial is here.

3. DIY Garden Planter Tower

DIY Garden Planter Tower

This garden tower provides a space for flowers to grow and also a place for birds to bathe. Also, you have a plethora of paint choices for the terra cotta pots. You can find the tutorial here.

4. DIY Miniponics Tower Garden

DIY Miniponics Tower Garden

The unique design of this Miniponics garden tower will leave onlookers awestruck. Fish and plants live together and depend on each other in this eco-friendly Miniponics. It works on the principle of aquaponics.

5. Pyramid Tower Garden

Pyramid Tower Garden

You can build an impressive angled finish tower with the help of some wooden planks. Time to make use of those carpentry skills that you got. Know more here is the link.

6. Hooded Tower Garden With Grow Lights

Hooded Tower Garden With Grow Lights

Although you’ll need to buy some of the materials required, it’s worth every penny. It has a rigid outer structure and has glowing lights that are surrounding it and enhance its appearance. You can try it by following this post.

7. DIY Recycled Bottle Tower Garden

DIY Recycled Bottle Tower Garden

Use those old plastic bottles lying around to make this Recycled bottle garden tower. It’s a sustainable garden tower that’ll help you clean up old plastic bottles and grow plants at the same time.

8. Strawberry Garden Tower

Strawberry Garden Tower

Can you imagine building a tower that produces strawberries for you? It’s like a childhood dream come true. The slim and straightforward wood design is here!

9. Wood Crates Garden Tower

Wood Crates Garden Tower

Build a wall made up of wooden crates by staking them over one another. You’ll save space and get bountiful fresh produce at the same time. Here are the steps to create your own stacked wood crates!

10. DIY Flower Tower

DIY Flower Tower

Putting flower pots over one another and making a garden tower of it is an excellent idea. It is like a column of flowers that gives a pleasing look and is made in a day or two. Follow these instructions!

11. Garden Tower DIY

Garden Tower DIY

Stacking pots over one another never gets old. Make sure the containers are arranged in the decreasing size order as we go up. Enhance your house entrance by this perfect Stacked planter garden tower.

12. DIY Composting Garden Tower

DIY Composting Garden Tower

The composter is a gardening innovation and makes your work a lot less. You can easily purchase a composter from a nearby garden store or any online store! Grow plants, herbs, or flowers accordingly.

13. Spiral Herb Garden Tower

Spiral Herb Garden Tower

It’s an easy way to grow herbs in a small space and have a fresh supply of herbs at hand. Plant herbs from the bottom level and then move them upwards spirally. Get more details here.

14. Square Foot Tower Garden

Square Foot Tower Garden

To grow plants in an organized manner stacked square foot garden tower is the best option available. There is a proper partition given between the plants, and it saves up a lot of space. The detailed guide is here!

15. Tower Garden DIY

Tower Garden DIY

This garden tower gives us the option of growing a variety of fresh herbs and flowers. A pallet tower has vertical garden shelves at each level. The instructions are here to make your Pallet tower.

16. DIY Pallet Potato Tower

DIY Pallet Potato Tower

What’s more profitable than growing your fresh organic potatoes in your garden tower? To prevent decay, use good quality pallets that are suitable for organic gardening. Learn more about it in this post.

17. Tipsy Pot Planter Garden Tower

Tipsy Pot Planter Garden Tower

Have old galvanized containers lying around and don’t know what to do with them? Here is an idea to give a rustic look to your garden using galvanized containers.

18. DIY Vertical Garden Tower

DIY Vertical Garden Tower

Grow succulents all around this garden tower for greenery or any other light-weighted plants you can get your hands on. Know more about the Vertical garden tower here.

19. Galvanised Tipsy Flower Tower

Galvanised Tipsy Flower Tower

You’ll need a galvanized water can, medium-sized tubs, and a big tub you can make this silvery garden tower. Silver-colored garden tower contrasts well with almost any flower. Get the details here.

20. Barrel Garden Tower

Barrel Garden Tower

Want to save some bucks you’ll spend on composter? Here‘s an idea to make your composter using a barrel!

21. DIY Vertical Herb Garden

DIY Vertical Herb Garden

All you have to do is set up smalls pots in a long wooden plank, and t. The great thing about this vertical herb garden is that you can relocate it as much as you like. Check out this tutorial!

22. Easy Tripod Trellis

Easy Tripod Trellis

Make a tripod stand trellis to grow your climbing plants, or you can also hang plants from the top. This minimalistic idea only requires wood and wire fencing. Build your tripod trellis garden tower with this tutorial!

23. DIY Garden Obelisk

DIY Garden Obelisk

On this four-dimensional trellis, you can grow climbing plants or climbing veggies. Customize the height of the structure according to the plant that you are going to grow on it. We got inspired by this post.

24. Hydroponic Tower Garden DIY

hydroponic tower garden diy

Grow plants without soil on a vertical tower might sound like a thing too good to be true. But it’s actually possible to do so and that too without hiring an expert. Want to know how? Click here!

25. DIY Hydroponic Tower Garden

Another cool hydroponic garden tower idea that is easy to make and inexpensive compared to the other pricey hydroponic rain towers! We found the tutorial on Instructables!

26. Aeroponic Tower Garden DIY

In the aeroponic system, plants grow without any growing medium, just like the hydroponic system with the difference that mist is sprayed on the roots. We found a video tutorial to make the whole process easy for you.

27. Garden Tower Project DIY

Garden Tower Project DIY

Decorate your garden, balcony, or patio by undertaking this aesthetically pleasing garden tower project! Follow this link for the simple tutorial.

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