Don’t have any clue when your potatoes are ready for harvest? Know how long will it take to grow potatoes in this post!

how long does it take to grow potatoes

Are you planning to grow potatoes in your backyard or perhaps on the patio? Potatoes are among the easiest and nutritious crops you can grow. But before you grow potatoes, it’s important to know when your potatoes will be ready for harvest as you’ll need to plan accordingly. So, how much will you have to wait before potatoes are mature? Let’s find out!

How Long Will it Take for Potatoes to Grow?

Potatoes can take anywhere between 70 to 120 for harvest. Fast-growing varieties will mature in 70-80 days, whereas the late harvesting varieties will take 120 days to fully mature. Mid-season varieties such as Monalisa and Bernadette will take around 100 days to grow.

To sum it up, the time potatoes take to grow depends on many factors, but mainly on the variety.

Time Taken by Potato Varieties to Mature

As mentioned above, the time taken for fully mature varieties depends mainly on the variety you choose. The varieties are broadly divided into three main categories: fast-growing varieties, Mid-season varieties, and late growing varieties.

Fast Growing Varieties

As the name suggests, these potato varieties grow very quickly and ready for harvest within a couple of months. Here are some of the best fast-growing varieties.

Irish Cobbler: The shape of this potato cultivar is a bit irregular, but its an heirloom for delicious mashed potatoes.

Norland: This red-skinned cultivar is disease-resistant and is also resistant to scabs and other such ailments.

Annabelle: Do you like the potatoes to be perfectly shaped? Annabelle isn’t a scary doll but a beautiful oval-shaped potato that’s good for steaming and frying.

Yukon Gold: The delicious moist and buttery flavor is what makes this potato cultivar a gardener’s favorite. It produces excellent early season harvest even in small spaces.

Mid-season Varieties

These potato varieties are ready for harvest in about 3-4 months. There are many midseason varieties to choose from, and here are some of our best picks.

Russet Burbank: It’s ready for harvest in about 95 days and tastes best when freshly harvested.

Catalina: It’s an oval-shaped potato with smooth skin and white flesh. The tubers are delicious!

Chieftain: Tubers are round to oval and red-skinned, and the flesh is white.

Gold rush: Particularly suited for balking and boiling, its a russet potato variety.

Late Season Varieties

Late season varieties of potato grow late in the season and take anywhere from 120 to 135 days to mature. These potato varieties are well suited for planting late in the season from late summer to fall. Some of the late-season varieties are listed below.

Katahdin: This adaptable potato variety is one of the best-known Maine potatoes and is resistant to verticillium potato wilt and bacterial wilt.

Kennebec: The late-maturing tubers produce a high yield and are a commercial success due to good storage quality.

Swedish Peanut Fingerling: Belonging to the class of fingerling potatoes, they are narrow, stubby, and long. Usually halved and roasted as a side dish or used in salads.

Butte potato: This classic Idaho baking potato cultivar is highly nutritious and contains  20 percent more protein and 58 percent more vitamin C than other potato cultivars.

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