Succulent do well in terrariums, and so we have a brought together list of the best succulent terrariums. Place these succulent terrariums on a tabletop, windowsill, or balcony!

Succulent terrariums are ideal for those looking to bring a little greenery into their lives without much hassle. You can buy the terrariums from any store or make one yourself. We have enlisted below some of the best DIY succulent terrarium ideas. Checkout and decide which succulent terrarium you love the most!

1. DIY Tabletop Succulent Terrarium

tabletop succulent terrarium

This Tabletop succulent terrarium is a perfect Centerpiece artifact! Place it at the center on a tabletop and see as it transforms the room!

2. A Mini-House of Beauty

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums

Typical succulent terrariums are round-shaped or square-shaped, but nothing beats the house-shaped terrariums. Place it on the tabletop or a window sill and watch as it transforms the indoor space. Grow mini succulents like zebra plant, lithops, hedgehog cacti in this house-shaped terrarium.

3. Glass Bowl Succulent Terrarium

how to make succulent terrarium

Want to know all that takes to build a succulent terrarium? Here‘s a detailed guide on how to make a succulent terrarium!

4. Pentagon Terrarium

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums

The geometrically shaped Pentagon Terrarium is a masterpiece in itself and gives the house a modern look. You can only use small succulents like Living stone, Zebra cactus, and Aloes in this succulent terrarium. Having this terrarium in your living room will serve as an excellent conversation starter.

5. DIY Hanging Succulent Terrarium

diy succulent hanging terrarium

Succulents are best for the hanging terrarium because they require very little care when planted outside. It would help if you watered it once a day. Since hanging terrarium will receive direct sunlight ( if grown outdoors), it is advised to use suitable succulent for bright light like aloe vera, sedum, etc.

6. DIY Wine Glass Terrarium

Diy wine glass terrarium

Add greenery to your home or patio with this DIY wine glass terrarium. The small size makes it a perfect choice as a centerpiece on the tabletop! The step by step tutorial is here.

7. DIY Succulent Terrarium Sand

diy succulent terrarium sand

Think twice before throwing away the wine glass in the trash when breaks along the stem. Instead, use it to make this fantastic mini wine glass beach terrarium.

8. Globular Terrarium

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums

A Globular Terrarium with small openings may require some patience to work with, but they provide a wholly unique look to your house. Succulents like cactus, aloe vera will give a desert appeal to your interiors. You can also add on pebbles in this globular terrarium to make it even more appealing. Terrariums act as a natural humidifier for your house as plants release water back into the atmosphere.

9. DIY Terrarium Succulent

The compositions of succulents in the aquarium

Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes; a cubical container will add an artistic look to your plantings. Succulents will defy gravity to grow up sloping sides. Unlike most plants, succulents do not release carbon dioxide at night. Instead, they produce oxygen, this continuous supply of oxygen to the surrounding freshens the air in your house.

10. Two in One Setup

Top 8 Succulent Terrariums

This mini succulent terrarium is chic and modern as well and can be placed in a little space. It is advised to plant succulents like snake plants and aloe vera in this terrarium as these are excellent at purifying the air.

11. An Old Fishbowl


terrarium made from an old fish bowl

Old fishbowls make the perfect tabletop terrarium and can be easily made. You can layer it with various soil and rock textures before placing your succulent inside. You can also decorate your terrarium by placing some cute figurine at the top.

12. Teardrop Terrarium

diy indoor succulent terrarium

Among so many different shaped terrariums, the teardrop-shaped terrarium is a show stopper!

13.Upcycle Mason Jar Terrarium

environment glass jar terrarium

We can easily make a succulent terrarium in a mason jar. Since the mason jar does not have holes, the roots of the plant can be damaged from excess water. To enhance the drainage, you can place some pebbles or marbles on the bottom of the jar.I

14. Succulent Terrarium DIY

mini succulent terrarium

Another wine glass succulent terrarium idea that’s easy to make with minimal input. We got inspiration from here!

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