Monstera Deliciosa Benefits Based on Research | Monstera Benefits Indoors

Monstera deliciosa can give any houseplant run for its money. Here are some of the research-based benefits of growing Monstera deliciosa indoors!

Monstera Deliciosa in container indoors

Monstera deliciosa is a beautiful plant with large lobed leaves and enough to make a statement indoors. It’s no surprise that Monstera has become a popular houseplant and is a favorite among interior designers for home decor. Plus, Monstera does not require much care. Here are some of the Monstera deliciosa benefits indoors.

1. Reducing CO2

monstera deliciosa close up

We all know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen but did you know that the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed depends on the surface area of the leaves. Monstera has larges leaves and thus reduces the CO2 to a larger extent.

2. Improves Mental Health

Monstera Deliciosa in a pot

Taking care of the plant, including watering and transplanting, is known to reduce stress and mental fatigue, as shown by this NCBI study. Even surrounding yourself with houseplants such as Monstera acts as a mood uplifter.

3. Home Decor Ideas

monstera deliciosa in modern home

We all know that houseplants are in trend when it comes to home decor, and Monstera is a favorite among interior decorators. The large lobed leaves of Monstera are shiny and look stunning under bright decorative lights.

4. Removes Pollutants

Monstera Deliciosa in white container
Photo taken in Kazan, Russia

Apart from carbon dioxide, it is found that houseplants also remove other pollutants such as formaldehydebenzene, and trichloroethylene. Monstera also removes such pollutants from the surrounding indoor air and thus benefits your overall health. Check out some other houseplants on the NASA clean air study!

5. Lessen Allergic Reactions

Monstera Deliciosa in bedroom

Having houseplants such as Monstera that reduce pollutants from the surrounding air will also reduce episodes of allergies. That’s because these pollutants can cause allergic reactions when present in higher concentrations in the indoor space. Indoor air can be deadlier than outdoor air, as per research!

6. Low Maintainance

Monstera Deliciosa Benefits

The most common worry that urban gardeners have is if they’ll be able to provide proper care to the houseplant. Well, the good news is that Monstera does not require minimal care. Bright indirect light, weekly watering and occasional pruning are all it takes to thrive.

7. Raising Humidity Levels

monstera in vase

As Monstera thrives when humidity levels are high, this simply means misting and another measure you’ll take to raise humidity. The high humidity levels will not just benefit the plant but also eases breathing and keep the skin from becoming too dry. Learn more about some other natural ways to raise humidity!

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