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13 Types of Pothos Plants for Home and Garden | Pothos Plant Varieties

Low maintainance and attractive foliage of pothos make it a prized houseplant! We have enlisted below the types of pothos plant that you can grow in home, office, or anywhere your heart dezires.

Pothos is one of the most popular houseplants and never fails to amaze onlookers. This vining plant requires minimal care and is hydroponic, which means that you can grow it in both soil and water. There are many pothos varieties, and if you are confused about which one to plant after going through this post, you’ll definitely make an informed choice. Different types of pothos varieties differ mainly from each other in variegation, hues, and size. Here is the list of the best types of pothos plants we came across. Choose the pothos plant type that you find the most attractive, and thank us later!

1. Golden Pothos

Golden pothos in a pot

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum

Also known as devil’s ivy because of its resilient nature, golden pothos is among the most common pothos. Heart-shaped green leaves are variegated with golden hues that look striking in almost any surrounding. Plus, it’s believed to bring good luck and fortune, and that’s why it also goes by the name Money Plant!

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2. Marble Queen Pothos

marble queen pothos in a pot

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum ‘Marble Queen.’

Golden pothos and marble queen pothos have many similarities except that marble queen pothos features creamy white variegation rather than golden or mustard. As the variegation is on the higher side, moving them towards a bright light will aid in growth. Also, the level of variegation depends on the variegation of the cutting from which it gets propagated.

3. Neon Pothos

neon pothos in a pot

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’

Unlike other common pothos, this variety shows no variegation rather steals the show with uniquely colored foliage that appears to emit a neon glow. The hues are vibrant when the plant is grown in bright light and turns dull and dark in low lighting conditions. Younger leaves tend to be brighter and turn dark as the plant matures.

4. Jessenia Pothos

jessenia pothos

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum ‘Jessenia’

Jessenia Pothos, a relatively new addition to the pothos family with mild green foliage, splashed with lemon-yellow or chartreuse color. It’s a lot similar to marble queen pothos in shape and size but differs in variegation hues. It’s gaining popularity, but you might find it challenging to get hold of this pothos cultivar. 

5. Jade Pothos

jade pothos in a container

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum ‘Jade’

Jade pothos’ foliage shows little to no variegation and solid dark green color with signature pothos heart-shaped leaves. Think of jade pothos as an official pothos that steals the show with its simplistic beauty. Place it on the balcony, patio, backyard in a container, or hanging baskets.

6. Manjula Pothos

manjula pothos in a pot

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum ‘Manjula’

Getting your hands on this pothos cultivar can be tough as the University of Florida produces its patented variety. The variegation on the leaves is in marble white hues to such an extent that some leaves appear to be white with green specks. Bright indirect light is ideal as direct sunlight will cause the variegation to fade.

7. Pearls and Jade Pothos

pearl and jade pothos

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum ‘Pearls and Jade

It’s a sport of the cultivar Marble queen pothos and has splashes of white and silver-grey on the foliage. The leaves are small and just 2-3 inches in length, with the variegation, focused more on the edges. It’s a slow grower compared to other pothos cultivars and a patented variety produced by the University of Florida. Sometimes it’s referred to as snow queen pothos!

8. Cebu Blue Pothos

cebu blue pothos in a pot

Scientific Name: Epipremnum Pinnatum

The arrow-shaped leaves with bluish-green hues make it stand apart from other pothos varieties, hence the name Blue pothos. Its eye catchy foliage acts as a great conversation starter and emits a metallic glow at certain angles and lighting. The foliage is solid colored and does not show any variegation.

9. Satin Pothos

satin pothos in hanging basket

Scientific Name: Scindapsus pictus

Also known as the silver pothos or silver vine, this delightful pothos cultivar has silver splashed over dark green foliage. Placing it in bright indirect light will result in superior variegation that’ll entice you with bright hues of silver. Grow it in hanging baskets or containers to add a bit of flair to home and office spaces.

10. N Joy Pothos

pothos n'joy in a container

Scientific Name: Scindapsus aureum

If you are looking for a pothos that’s seldom seen anywhere, your search ends here as this pothos cultivar is new! As it’s a slow grower, you can easily keep it contained and grow without any hassle. The foliage has white patterns on it and is comparatively smaller in size than other pothos cultivars.

11. Hawaiian Pothos

Hawaiian Pothos in a pot

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum ‘Hawaiian.’

It’s a bold and beautiful pothos cultivar with large dark green leaves variegated with yellow. Perfect pothos to make a statement, be it in-home or office. Grow it in containers, train it over poles, let it trail from hanging baskets, or plant anywhere your heart desires; it’ll not disappoint you!

12. Green Genie

Green genie pothos

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum ‘Green genie’

It’s a rare and patented pothos cultivar with attractive deep green and shiny foliage that’s lighter on the underside. The leaves are small and only 3-4 inches in length and around 2 inches wide. It’s a mutation of the popular pothos variety Marble queen and patented by ffsp.

13. Glacier Pothos

Glacier Pothos in a pot

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum ‘Green genie’

Looking for a compact pothos cultivar and will do well in small spaces? Glacier pothos is a compact pothos variety that’s easy to maintain and does well in containers. The deep green leaves have splendid silvery-white patterns, which are similar to N joy and Pearls and Jade pothos.

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