Botanically speaking, Pumpkin is a fruit! Pumpkin develops from the flowering plant’s ovary and contains seeds, which is the fruit’s botanical definition.

is pumpkin a fruit

With the Halloween buzz around the corner, pumpkin has come back in talk. The popularity isn’t just limited to Halloween, as pumpkin is also used widely in many cuisines. As it’s usually cooked as a savory dish, it’s a common belief that pumpkin is a vegetable. But is it actually or vegetable? Or is it a fruit? In this post, we have all the answers to your query. But first, let’s understand the botanical difference between vegetables and fruit.

Vegetable vs. Fruit

Botanically speaking, the seed-bearing structure that develops from a flowering plant’s ovary is considered a fruit. Any other edible part of the plant, which includes root, stem, and leaves, is considered a vegetable. In respect to this definition, pumpkin is a fruit as it develops from the ovary of the flowering plant and contains seeds.

Is Pumpkin a Fruit?

Is pumpkin a fruit or vegetable

Yes, botanically speaking, pumpkin is a fruit as it develops from the flowering plant’s ovary and contains seeds. But why do so many people think pumpkin is a vegetable. Let’s find out!

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Why do People Think Pumpkin is a Vegetable

The common distinguishing factor that people make between a fruit and a vegetable is dependent on the taste. Something sweet is always considered a fruit! That’s why many savory fruits such as eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes, and even pumpkin are considered vegetables. Botanically speaking, all of them are fruits, but as they aren’t sweet and used commonly in savory dishes, people think of them as vegetables.

Is Pumpkin a Berry?

Now the idea that “Pumpkin is a berry” might sound absurd to you, but it isn’t far from the truth. Berries are small and pulpy fruits that may or may not be edible. Fruits having a stone or a pit at the center are not berries, although berries can have many pips or seeds. All these factors indicate that pumpkin is botanically speaking a berry. But that does not mean that pumpkin isn’t a fruit by simple definition berries are pulpy fruits.

In conclusion, the simple answer to the query “Is pumpkin a fruit or vegetable?” is Pumpkin is a fruit!

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