Best Flowers for Shallow Pots | Flowers that Grow in Shallow Pots

Want to grow flowers in shallow pots but don’t know where to start. Flowers including Zinnias, Pansies, Petunia, Jasmine, and many more do well in shallow pots!

Want to grow flowering plants but lack space? Well, there are flowers out there with shallow root systems that are ideal for shallow pots. Apart from saving up space, you can also move the plant indoors come winter. Also, as shallow pots will not be heavy, you can move the pots around as much as you like. Check out this list of best flowers for shallow pots!


zinnia flowers in shallow pots

Among the flowers that you can grow in shallow pots, zinnias top the list. As the root system is shallow, it can grow in pots as small as 6 inches deep and wide. Blooms resemble daisies and come in many shades depending on the cultivar. Locate the pot at a spot where it receives full sun for prolific blooming.


pansies blooming in container

Pansies come in many hues and patterns, which you’ll definitely fall in love with. You can have pansies in both spring and fall gardens. Go for a 4-6 inches deep pot and around 12 inches wide; alternatively, you can grow pansy in borders or as ground covers.


Petunia grandiflora (pink) in planter

Showcase petunia in the container, hanging baskets, tabletop, porch, or balcony to make a statement. Petunias love to bask in the sun, so make sure to choose a spot where it receives direct sunlight. Depending on the cultivar, pot size can range anywhere from 6 to 18 inches. Grandiflora and Multiflora are two main types of petunia you can choose from!


jasmine plant in pot on windowsill

The beautiful and aromatic jasmine bloom comes in yellow and white hues and does well in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Start in 6-8 inches deep and repot when it outgrows the pot. As jasmine loves to remain pot-bound, you won’t have to report too frequently. You can pluck the unopened buds to prepare fragrant herbal tea!

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lavender blooming in shallow pot

The fragrant purple flowers of lavender uplift the mood and appease the mind. Lavender oil has many medicinal uses and is used in aromatherapy as well. Start with an 8 inches deep pot and gradually move to a large pot as the plant matures.


yellow and orange marigold in pot

When there is talk about flowers, how can marigolds be left behind! These yellow beauties can cheer you up even on the most gloomy days. Six inches pot is enough for single marigold but to have multiple plants go for a wider pot. French and Signet marigolds are good options for potted marigolds.


Calibrachoas or million bells in pot

Also, going by the name Million bells, Calibrachoas have a trailing habitat and grows well in container and hanging baskets. As it has a widespread go for a pot that’s 8-12 inches deep but is more than 24 inches wide. They look like mini petunias and come in many colors and patterns, depending on the variety.


Geraniums on windowsill in pot

Clusters of Geranium blooms in pink, purple, white, or red make a great addition to container gardens. Small geraniums varieties thrive in pots as small as 6-8 inches in depth. If you plan to move around the pot a lot, go for plastic instead of heavy clay pots.


impatiens in pot

These little beauties are the perfect start for novice gardeners as it requires minimal care. While other flowering plants need full sun to bloom, it blooms in semi-shady regions as well. So next time you want to add color to the patio, balcony, or entryway, make sure to think about Impatiens!

Shasta Daisies

shasta daisies in pot

Shasta daisies produce brilliant white flowers having a yellow center and are around 3 inches wide. It’s well adapted to a container and requires a pot about 12 inches deep. It can tolerate partial shade, but to promote full blooming sun is ideal. Divide the plant when it outgrows the pot in 2-3 years, for which spring is a perfect time.

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