Houseplants with Neon or Chartreuse leaves stand apart from other houseplants with distinctive foliage. We have curated a list of some of the most brilliant plants with Neon leaves.

Looking for houseplants that stand apart? Well, look no further as houseplants with Neon leaves will surely turn heads. Houseplants with Neon or chartreuse leaves pique up interest and are great conversation starters. Check out the list below.

Neon Pothos

neon pothos trailing from pot

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’

Let’s start with one of the most popular houseplant, ‘Pothos’. Neon pothos is a variety of Pothos that steals the show with vibrant neon-hued foliage. Young leaves have more neon glow compared to old leaves.

Golden Goddess Philodendron

Philodendron 'Golden Goddess' in container indoors

Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘Golden Goddess’

This stunning vining philodendron has chartreuse-coloured leaves and is an avid climber that can grow to 6 feet in height. You can also let the trailing vines cascade down from the container or hanging basket as a trailing houseplant.

Moonlight Philodendron

Botanical NamePhilodendron ‘Moonlight’

Moonlight Philodendron in container

The leaves are in the stunning shade of bright yellow chartreuse, especially when young. Locate it somewhere it receives bright indirect light and some hours direct morning sunlight.

Coleus Limelight

Coleus Limelight in pot

Botanical Name: Giant Exhi­bition Lime­light

This coleus cultivar is aptly named as it sports large bright green leaves that steal the limelight. Known for its cheerful look, it looks great in a container.

Canna Bengal Tiger

Canna Bengal Tiger with blooms

Botanical Name: Canna Americanallis

The large variegated leaves of the Canna Bengal tiger are green with bright yellow stripes. It also bears showy orange flowers that rise above the plant and grow on stalks.

Plaintain Lily

Plaintain Lily growing in backyard
green leaves flower, Hosta fortunei

Botanical Name: Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’

Thick and broad leaves of hosta ‘sun and substance’ make a statement in any surrounding. Leaves can be light green, chartreuse, to gold depending on the sun exposure.

Japanese Forest Grass

Japanese forest grass growing in yard with neon hues

Botanical Name: Hakonechloa macra

Japanese forest grass is ornamental grass and only among a few kinds of grass that grow well in the shade. In fact, to get those neon hues to plant it in the shade rather than full sun.

Sweet Potato Vine

sweet potato vine with blooms

Botanical Name: Ipomoea batatas

Add a tropical feel to any space with sweet potato vine that comes in various shades depending on the cultivar. Apart from cultivars with chartreuse and golden-hued foliage, there are bronze, brown, red, purple and almost black leaved varieties of sweet vine potato.


Crassula sarmentosa 'Comet' in pot

Botanical Name: Crassula sarmentosa ‘Comet’

It’s a stunning variegated succulent with mild green leaves variegated with yellowish cream margins. Reddish stems and serrated edges of ovate leaves further accentuate the beauty of this succulent.

Tiger Eyes Sumac

Tiger Eyes Sumac close up

Botanical Name: Rhus typhina ‘Tigereye Bailtiger’

The newly growing foliage of this Sumac cultivar is chartreuse which turns to yellow, scarlet, and orange come fall. Grow this tree in a container for dramatic impact as a focal point.

Ceylon Golden Plant

Philodendron Golden Emerald in pot

Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘Ceylon’

Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant or Philodendron Golden Emerald is a stunning philodendron that sports neon green to golden-hued leaves. As per the NASA clean air study, philodendron also removes pollutants from the surrounding air, a bonus.

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