Can Cats Eat Rosemary?

Can Cats Eat Rosemary? Is Rosemary Safe for Cats?

Ever noticed your cat wandering around the rosemary and wondered is rosemary toxic to cats? If not; Can cats eat rosemary?

can cats eat rosemary

Cats are curious by nature and might nibble on plants that are not healthy for them! Knowing about such plants is crucial so that you can keep them out of the reach of cats. But is rosemary herb also among such plants that are not healthy for cats? Will your cat fall ill if it nibbles on rosemary? And is rosemary toxic to cats? Let’s find out if cats can eat rosemary in this post.

What is Rosemary?

Salvia Rosmarinus or Rosemary is a fragrant herb with many medicinal and culinary uses and is also used in aromatherapy. The needle-like foliage and flowers ranging from white, pink, purple, to blue add to rosemary beauty and complement its ornamental nature. Rosemary requires little space and can grow indoors as well, which makes it a potential threat for cats. But is rosemary actually unsafe for cats? And can cats eat rosemary plant?

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Do Cats Eat Rosemary?

As mentioned above, rosemary has a strong aroma that pets, including cats and dogs, do not find appealing. Still, out of curiosity, your cat might nibble on the rosemary. Due to the strong flavor of the rosemary, cats won’t consume a large quantity. So is it ok if cats eat a small quantity of rosemary? 

Can Cats Eat Rosemary?

To put it simply; Yes, cats can eat rosemary! According to Aspca, rosemary is not toxic to cats and dogs as well. But can cats eat rosemary regularly? And how much rosemary is too much for cats? As cats are obligate carnivores majority of their diet should include meat or cat food. Still nibbling on rosemary now and then won’t cause any harm to the cats. In fact, it can have a positive impact on cats’ health, such as improved digestion, aid in inflammation, improve eyesight, and better skin and coat health. If you decide to include rosemary in the cats’ diet, make sure that you add a small quantity with cat food. Avoid adding rosemary to the cats’ diet regularly. Also, observe the cats for any signs of discomfort such as vomiting, diarrhea, or any other adverse effect.

When to Consult a Vet?

It’s always a good practice to consult a vet before adding any human food to cats’ diet. Still, if there aren’t any side effects of consuming rosemary on your cat, you can continue to add a little amount of rosemary to cats’ food without any worries. In case the cat has consumed too much rosemary and is showing signs of visible discomfort, consult the vet as soon as possible!

So to sum it up, cats can safely eat rosemary in small quantities! In case you notice any signs of discomfort, keep rosemary away from cats and consult a vet.

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