Best Climbing Philodendron Types | Vining Philodendron Varieties to Grow

Climbing Philodendron can climb over trellis, moss pole or any other support structure. In this post, we discuss some of the best Climbing Philodendron types.

Philodendron is a popular houseplant that can be broadly classified into Upright and Climbing Philodendron. As the name suggests, climbing or vining philodendron have vining form and can’t grow upright without support. You can either let the stems trail from the container or hanging basket or train the Vining Philodendron over a support structure. In this post, we’ll talk about Climbing Philodendron types or, in other words, varieties of Climbing Philodendron.

Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron (philodendron scadens) trailing hanging basket

Scientific Name: Philodendron Hederaceum (Philodendron scandens)

Heartleaf philodendron is one of the most popular philodendron cultivars. It has stunning heart-shaped foliage on vines that grow to around 4-6 feet in a container. A great choice for both hanging baskets and containers!

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Brazil Philodendron

Philodendron scandens 'Brasil' trailing in hanging pot

Scientific Name: Philodendron Hederaceum ‘Brasil’

It’s a popular trailing cultivar of heart-leaf philodendron with gorgeous variegation of yellow and lime green on deep green foliage. The vines can easily reach the floor within no time as it’s a prolific grower. To promote bushier growth, cut back the tips of stems which have turned leggy, which you can also propagate.

Velvet Leaf Philodendron

Velvet Leaf Philodendron trailing from pot

Scientific Name: Philodendron micans

It’s known as the velvetleaf philodendron because of the unique velvety leaves, which makes it a sought after Philodendron. The foliage has purple undersides and possesses a bit of shimmer as well. Grow it as a trailing vine or on a moss pole; it’ll look amazing both ways!

Brandi Philodendron

Philodendron Brandtianum in a pot

Scientific Name: Philodendron Brandtianum

This popular climbing philodendron cultivar also goes by the name Silver leaf philodendron. Olive green leaves are variegated with patches of greyish-white hues. Indoors it can reach a length of 4-5 feet and requires minimal care.

Silver Sword Philodendron

Philodedndron Hastatum in pot

Scientific Name: Philodendron Hastatum

If you are looking for a showy philodendron with large leaves, then the search ends here. The foliage has a shiny silver mirror-like quality and appears to glitter under bright natural light hence the name Silversword philodendron. Provide support with moss stake or any other structure to avoid flopping.

Fiddle-leaf Philodendron

Philodendron Bipennifolium in a pot supported by stake

Scientific Name: Philodendron Bipennifolium

Another philodendron with large glossy-green showy leaves that can grow to a length of 18 inches. As it’s climbing Philodendron, make sure to provide a support structure to prevent flopping. As the leaves turn towards the light, rotate the pot periodically to keep its balance.

Blushing Philodendron

Philodendron erubescens or blushing philodendron climbing on moss pole

Scientific Name: Philodendron erubescens

Also known as Red-leaf Philodendron, it’s a fast-growing philodendron that grows on the support structure in no time. The red undersides of foliage give this climbing philodendron an exotic appeal. You can let it trail from the pot, which creates a stunning display of cascading foliage.

Philodendron Lemon Lime

Philodendron Lemon Lime growing in pot

Scientific Name: Philodendron hederaceum Aureum

This climbing philodendron has heart-shaped leaves which are bright, almost glowing when young and turn darker as they mature. The foliage comes in stunning hues of bright yellow to chartreuse, which resembles neon pothos. Train it over a trellis or let it trail freely from a hanging basket or container.

Philodendron White Knight

Philodendron White Knight in pot

Scientific Name: Philodendron ‘White Knight’

It’s a rare climbing philodendron that shows stunning variegation of white on the large leaves. Even the stems are attractive with purplish-brown to cream hues. Although it’s a climbing philodendron maintaining the bush form is easy by pruning.

Philodendron Grazielae

Philodendron Grazielae in a pot

Scientific Name: Philodendron Grazielae

Fat heart-shaped leaves of Philodendron Grazielae are enough to grab your attention. It’s a slow grower that thrives under bright indirect light. In the natural habitat, it climbs over the tree trunks, and indoors you can install moss poles for it to climb over.

Philodendron Majesty

Philodendron Majesty in container

Scientific Name: Philodendron’ Majesty’

The dark and shiny foliage of this Philodendron appears almost black, which makes it stand out. When the plant is young, the leaves are reddish-copper and turn dark as the plant matures. It’s a climbing philodendron cultivar.

Philodendron Florida Ghost

Philodendron 'pedatum' in contianer

Scientific Name: Philodendron ‘pedatum’

The lobed foliage starts as white hence the name Ghost Philodendron. No need to worry as the leaves won’t remain ghosty white but will turn dark green as the leaves mature. Providing a moss pole for support is the easiest way to make this philodendron climb.

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