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17 Best Fruits for Pots | Fruits that you Can Grow in Pots

Growing fruits in pots are rewarding, and it saves up space as well. Here are the best picks for fruits that grow in the container!

Fruiting trees are large and usually require a lot of space to grow. But what if we told you that there are fruits that you can grow in containers. Apart from saving up space, growing fruiting trees in the pot is also advantageous in winters. You can move the pot indoors when the temperature drops below freezing and reap the benefits of fruiting trees in regions where you earlier couldn’t. Not all fruits are well suited for containers, but we’ll tell you about the select few that do well in pots in this post. So without further ado, here are the Best fruits for pots!

1. Strawberries

strawberries in pot on bench

Yes, you heard it right; these delicious pink packs of joy are perfect container fruits. Growing strawberries in the container are no different from growing them in the backyard, plus it saves up space as well. You can also grow strawberries in hanging baskets and even upside-down planters!

2. Apples

Apple tree in pot

Who would have thought that growing apples in pots is possible! But not only is growing apples in a pot possible, but it’s also easy and fun. Choose a dwarf apple cultivar that’s well suited for containers and a self-pollinating variety if you lack space for more than one apple plant. Learn more about growing apples in a container here.

3. Figs

figs fruit in pot

Nothing beats the freshly harvested mouthwatering fig when it comes to flavor. Growing figs in containers are possible but somewhat necessary if you live north of USDA Zone 7. Blanche, Celeste, Verte, Ventura, and Brown Turkey are some of the best fig cultivars for the container.

4. Pineapple

Pineapple fruit in a pot

As per the University of Florida extension, it’s possible to grow pineapple in a container, and we couldn’t agree more! Make sure to go for a large container (5 Gallon) about half a whiskey barrel as the larger the container better the potential for large plants and fruit. You can locate the pot outdoors during summers but bring it back indoors during freezing winters.

5. Lemon

lemon tree in pot

It might come as a shock, but lemon is a citrus fruit like its brethren orange and lime. Almost all lemon varieties do well in containers, but some of the best ones are Improved MeyerLisbon Lemonand Dwarf Eureka. If you live in cooler regions or lack space, growing lemons in the container is your best bet! Here are some other fruits that people think are vegetables!

6. Bananas

Banana in pot

We are all familiar with bananas but did you know that you can grow banana trees in a pot. Go for Dwarf banana varieties that include Dwarf Red, Dwarf Brazilian, Williams Hybrid, and Dwarf Lady Finger. Dwarf varieties can be grown indoors, and do not outgrow the pot!

7. Pomegranate

Pomegranate growing in pot

The shallow root system of pomegranate compared to other fruits makes it easier to grow in a container. Not only is pomegranate fruit delicious it’s packed with nutrients and antioxidants as well. Nana, Jyothi, Provence, and State fair are the best dwarf pomegranate varieties to grow.

8. Guava

guava fruit tree growing in pot

A perfect tropical delight, guava is a warm-weather fruiting plant that can tolerate mild winters. In containers, you can move the plant indoors when the temperature drops below freezing. The delicious fruits and fragrant flowers make it a perfect addition to your fruit garden.

9. Cherry

Cherry fruit tree in pot

Growing cherries in the container is possible but make sure to choose a variety that’s well suited for your region. Self-pollinating types such as Stella, Morello, Nabella, Sunburst, and North Star are ideal if you don’t have space for more than one plant. Choose a broader and deeper container than the rootball so that the plant has enough room to grow.

10. Watermelon

watermelon in pot growing over trellis

The sweet and filling watermelon is a must-have fruit in summers to beat the heat. To save up space, growing watermelon in a container vertically is ideal. Choose a deep container (2 feet) as the watermelon has a deep root system and install a trellis near the plant to train it vertically. Here‘s a detailed guide on the watermelon cultivars!

11. Peach

peach tree in pot (with fruits)

Get a bare root peach from the local nursery, plant it in a container at any time of the year except at the peak of summers. Golden glory, El Dorado, & Honey babe are some of the natural dwarf peach varieties best for pots. Although the trees remain small (6 ft.), the fruits will stay the same size.

12. Raspberries

raspberries in pot

An ideal candidate for pots, raspberries come in two fruiting types summer and autumn fruiting. Go for a large container that’s around 24 to 36 inches wide and deep. Use the homegrown raspberry for raspberry jam, raspberry liqueur, simply a fresh bowl of raspberries and cream!

13. Blueberries

blueberries growing in pot

Another berry on the list that’s suitable for containers, plus it’s packed with antioxidants as well. Choose a pot that’s weatherproof and around 24 inches wide and deep for growing blueberries. The University of Maryland has an in-depth post on growing blueberries in containers.

14. Plums

Plum or prunus fruits growing in container

Growing plums in the container is an ideal choice for novice gardeners as it’s compact and easy to grow in the container. Also, going by the name prunus tree, its delicious juicy fruits appeal in appearance as well. Get more details about which varieties are best to grow in your region by contacting the local nursery.

15. Gooseberries


Rich, sweet, and juicy flavored gooseberry come in two types that are dessert and cooking. You’ll have a bountiful harvest as gooseberries are very productive. Any pot large than 12-15 inches in diameter will do just fine.

16. Black Currants

black currants in pot

The dark purple Black currents berries are rich in Vitamin C and make for a perfect summer treat. Consume the berries raw or make pies and jams, cordials and cassis with them. Choose a pot that’s 18-20 inches wide, and make sure it has drainage holes at the bottom.

17. Passion Fruit

Passion fruit plant in container

Also known as Granadilla, Passion fruit boosts immunity and is rich in Vitamin C, alpha-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin. Grow it indoors in a container near a sunny window or any sunny spot in your backyard. It’s a vining plant that requires a large container and a sturdy trellis for support. Apart from the fruits the passion flowers are also enticing!

This concludes our list of Best fruits for pots, do let us know in the comments if we missed any fruit!

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