Aglaonema is a stunning houseplant prized for beautiful ornamental leaves, commonly known as the Chinese evergreen plant. It’s an ideal houseplant for indoor spaces as it does well in poor lighting and low ventilation. There are many aglaonema varieties, each having its own unique traits and appearance. We have curated the list of some of the most popular aglaonema varieties that’ll blow your mind!

1. Aglaonema Modestum

aglaonema modestum

The lush foliage of Aglaonema modestum will bring the tropical feel indoors. The waxy foliage can be solid green or variegated with white and has pale green stems. As per the NASA clean air study, it’s also one of the best plants to remove pollutants from the air!

2. Aglaonema commutatum

Aglaonema commutatum growing in pot

Also, going by Philippine evergreen, this Aglaonema cultivar hails from the Philippines. The leaves are lance-shaped and resemble dieffenbachia (dumb cane), with silvery green veins running over them. An excellent indoor specimen as it adapts well to low-light.

3. Aglaonema Cutlass

aglaonema cutlass in container indoors

The strap-shaped leaves are thin and long with silver-green variegation and dark green edges. A suitable choice for tabletops in offices because of the small size and neat form.

4. Aglaonema Silver Bay

aglaonema silver bay in pot indoors

As the name suggests, this cultivar is variegated with silvery hues at the center and has dark green edges. The oval-shaped foliage grows out from the center and can grow to 12 inches in length, and it’s a relatively fast grower compared to other aglaonema varieties.

5. Aglaonema Widuri

Aglaonema red peacock on tabletop

Pinkish red streaks shooting out from the pink vein make Aglaonema red peacock stand apart. This highly decorative houseplant does well in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

6. Aglaonema Harlequin

Aglaonema Harlequin in a pot

Another pink veined variety aglaonema harlequin creates a beautiful backdrop for indoor living spaces. In low lighting, pink veins are more prominent, whereas leaves turn yellowish-green in bright indirect light.

7. Aglaonema Emerald Bay

emerald bay aglaonema

Silvery tones of Emerald bay foliage contrast well with the dark green edges. The silver hues of the emerald bay are less prominent than another aglaonema variety silver bay. It’s well adapted to low-lighting and hence does well indoors.

8.  Aglaonema Silver Queen

silver queen aglaonema foliage

Silver queen aglaonema is one of the most common aglaonema varieties and has dark green patterns over silvery-cream foliage. You can be more relaxed about it as it has minimal care requirements.

9. Aglaonema Silver King

aglaonema silver king

Silver king and silver queen aglaonema have many similarities. Although silver king aglaonema has fewer dark green stripes over the leaves, it looks more as if the leaves are mottled with green.

10. Aglaonema nitidum

Aglaonema nitidum close up

Also known as Burmese evergreen, Aglaonema nitidum is a low-light tolerant variety popular for offices. The foliage doesn’t lose its vigor and remains lush green even with prolonged periods of low lighting.

11. Aglaonema Gemini

aglaonema gemini in pot

If you are looking for a tall aglaonema, your search ends here! Gemini is a large and showy Aglaonema variety growing to four feet tall. Large and pointed dark green leaves with creamy white variegation create instant drama.

12. Aglaonema Maria

aglaonema maria

To prevent the leaves from scorching, keep this Aglaonema away from the full sun. The showy and prominent foliage of this Aglaonema is lance-shaped and variegated with minty green hues of dark green foliage.

13. Aglaonema Brilliant

Aglaonema Brilliant growing in pot

The stunning patterns over the foliage make aglaonema ‘brilliant’ one of the most sought-after aglaonema varieties. The chartreuse-yellow and green stripes over the foliage look striking in indoor space.

14. Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor in pot

Pictum tricolor aglaonema will definitely be the hot topic of conversation among your plant lover friends. Its unique foliage is patterned with three shades of green and stands apart. The pattern resembles camouflage, but instead of blending in, the foliage stands out.

15. Aglaonema Chocolate

Aglaonema Chocolate on tabletop

Attractive pointy leaves of aglaonema chocolate come in a dark chocolaty shade and a red underside. It performs well in dark spaces and can liven up any dull space.

Other Beautiful Aglaonema Varieties

  • Aglaonema rotundum
  • Aglaonema suzy
  • Aglaonema black lance
  • Aglaonema siam
  • Aglaonema prestige
  • Aglaonema creta
  • Aglaonema cory
  • Aglaonema pink dalmatian
  • Aglaonema diamond bay
  • Aglaonema BJ Freeman
  • Aglaonema Georgi’s ruby
  • Aglaonema Maria Christina
  • Aglaonema pink moon
  • Aglaonema red valentine
  • Aglaonema red gold
  • Aglaonema anyanmanee
  • Aglaonema deborah
  • Aglaonema abidjan
  • Aglaonema bidadari
  • Aglaonema tigress
  • Aglaonema white rain
  • Aglaonema golden madonna
  • Aglaonema favonian

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