15 Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors’ View for Privacy in Garden

Here are some of the Cheap ways to Block Neighbors’ view in the garden and backyard. Now you can spend time outdoors without thinking twice about prying eyes.

Cheap ways to Block Neighbors' view

Having privacy from neighbors is important if you like to spend leisure time in the garden or backyard. Instead of hiring a construction worker to build up that wall which will cost you a small fortune, why not try these Cheap ways to block neighbors’ view of your Garden and Backyard.

1. Border Hedges

hedge covering a garden

It’s the most common way for gardeners to set up a perimeter around their backyard for privacy. Consider hedges as a living wall made up of plants that have both practical and decorative use. Growing hedges is cheap as all you need is to plant hedge plants at the borders. For privacy, purposes choose tall hedge plants such as English Holly or Arborvitae as they’ll be most successful at blocking the view.

2. Wood Fence Panels

wood fence made up of wooden boards

If it’s privacy you are looking for, make sure to look into a wood fence made up of wooden boards. For privacy, purposes go for the wooden fence with little to no space between the panels. Treated pine and bamboo are some inexpensive and durable wood options you can look into.

3. Install Curtains

curtains in backyard for privacy

Outdoor curtains are great at protecting you from the prying eyes of the neighborhood. Not only are curtains cheap, but you can also easily fold them and keep them away when you don’t need them.

4. Layered Plantings

Garden border made up small shrubs and tall plants at the back

Planting in a layered manner not only provides privacy but also looks aesthetic. A good way is to have evergreens at the back, followed by deciduous trees and smaller plants at the forefront. Layered planting offers more protection and obstructs the view completely.

5. Container at Borders

Plant Border plants in large containers and arrange them at the perimeter of your backyard. To raise the height of the containers, you can place wooden planks at the bottom of the containers as well. Apart from the garden and backyard, you can also build a container for privacy on the balcony and deck.

6. Outdoors Screens

outdoor screens for privacy from neighbors'

Outdoors screens might look expensive, but they don’t cost much in reality. These screens are made up of panels of cloth that are stretched on a metal frame. You can easily fold and move it to the basement or garage when not needed.

7. Corrugated Metal Fence

Corrugated Metal Fence in backyard

Corrugated metal fence is durable, low maintenance, and isn’t heavy on the pocket as well. Also, the unique look of this metal fence will make your house stand apart. For modern-looking contrast, combine the metal with other materials.

8. Vining Plants Border

vining plant at the border on trellis

Trailing plants can act as a barrier between your garden and next-door peepers. Install chicken wire, stakes, or anything else that the trailing plant can stick to, and you are good to go. Choose fast-growing vines such as Boston ivy as they’ll quickly shield the view.

9. Hanging Container Garden

container garden hanging

Sturdy posts spaced evenly apart, and sturdy rods will be able to hold your container plants with ease. Vertical planting will ensure privacy and save up a lot of space that can be used for lounging or any other activity. Flowering plants, herbs, and even fancy houseplants do well in the hanging containers.

10. Trellising

Trellis in the garden

Trellises around the backyard provide support to the vining plants and screen your garden from nosy neighbors. As per your needs, you can choose wood or metal trellis; both will create a beautiful backdrop outdoors. Simple structures are cheap, but you can also go for elaborate designs if budget allows.

11. Bamboo Border

bamboo border in backyard

Bamboos are tall and fast-growing, making them one of the best trees for borders. Grow them in containers and once they are mature, plant them in neat rows at the border. The tall bamboos not only screen your garden but will also cover up the deck and balcony on the first and sometimes even second floor.

12. Repurposed Doors and Windows

repurposed door used for privacy

Did your house go through recent renovations, and old door and window panels are lying around. Instead of throwing them away in the trash, repurpose them for privacy. You can paint the panels or create art over them to give them a personal touch!

13. Long Grasses

long grasses growing for privacy

Although long grasses won’t provide as much protection as tall trees, they don’t take much time to mature. Some of the best ornamental grasses are Zebra Grass, Fountain grass, Pampas Grass, Clumping BambooPink Hair Grass, and Feather Reed Grass. All in all ornamental grasses is a cheap way block neighbors’ view!

14. Lattice Screens

lattice screen in backyard

The most common use of lattice screens is to cover air conditioning units outdoors, but you can also use them for privacy. Coming in various shapes and sizes, lattice screens can be wood or plastic. The installation is simple, and you can move them around as much as you like.

15. Upcycled Garden Fence

bottle used as a fence

Lastly, you can use old items, including plastic bottles, cordwood, posts, poles, and almost any other object, and upcycle them as the screen. Check out this post for more inspiration on the cheap upcycled fence!

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