15 Best Trees for Pots | Trees that Grow well In Pots

Growing trees in pots are possible & it saves up space as well! Here are the best picks for trees that can grow in the container.

Most of us think that growing trees require a lot of space and care. But what if we told you that you can Grow trees in Pots and that too without any fuss. Not only will growing trees in the container save up space, but it’ll also have the benefit of protecting the cold-tender trees come winters as you can move them indoors. Accentuate the fun of outdoor activities by having these trees that love the full sun on the patio or backyard in pots. Keep in mind not all trees do well in containers, so below, we have enlisted some of the Best Trees to Grow in pots!

1. Olives

olive trees in pots

Botanical Name: Olea europaea

Olive fruits go well in martinis that we all know but do you know that olive trees can grow in containers? Well, you heard it right, as olives have a shallow root system compared to other similar-sized trees making them for a pot. Place the olive plant in the patio, outdoor garden, or even balcony that receives ample sun from making a statement.

2. Southern Magnolia

Southern Magnolia tree in a pot

Botanical Name: Magnolia grandiflora

Also known as bull bay, a striking large tree (60-90 ft.) has a single stem and canopy in the pyramidical shape. You can keep them in the container around 10 feet in height, so locate them where there is enough vertical space. It bears beautiful white showy flowers that are lemon citronella-scented. Go for cultivars with a compact growth habit such as Teddy Bear Southern magnolia, Rose Marie magnolia & Black Tulip magnolia!

3. Junipers

young juniper in a pot

Botanical Name: Juniperus L.

Junipers are coniferous trees and shrubs that include 50-67 species of junipers spread throughout the globe. The needle or scale-like leaves and berries are the distinguishing features of junipers. For containers, choose the cultivars with shrub-like growth habitats. They make a great addition to the entryways or rock and conifer gardens.

4. Lemon

lemon tree with lemons in a pot

Botanical Name: Citrus limon

Growing lemon tree in the container is not only fun but rewarding as well! Not only will you save space but come winter, you can move the pot indoors to protect the plant. Although all lemon varieties grow in pots, there are cultivars such as Dwarf eureka & Improved Meyer, which are ideal for the container!

5. Chaste Tree

chaste tree close-up with lavender blooms

Botanical Name: Vitex agnus-castus

Fragrant foliage with flowering stalks with lavender flowers that bloom in summer and fall makes the Chaste tree a gardener’s dream. In containers, you can prune it to the extent that it virtually becomes a shrub. Apart from lavender, some cultivars also produce white and pink blooms. Chaste is a disease and heat-tolerant plant that does well in full sun!

6. Japanese Maple

japanese maple in a pot

Botanical Name: Acer palmatum / A. japonicum

The striking foliage of Japanese maple makes it an excellent focal plant for garden & patio designs. Grow it in a large container or as a bonsai plant and choose a variety based on size, leaf shape, and color. The foliage comes in stunning shades of green, orange, red, purple, and even variegated.

7. Crabapple

crabapple tree in pot

Botanical Name: Malus

When it comes to popular ornamental trees, you can’t ignore crabapples! The stunning display of colors with red, pink, or white flowers is the reason behind its popularity. Apart from the flowers, the edible fruits crabapples produce are also a bonus. Coralburst, Fireburst, and red jewel are some dwarf-sized ornamental crabapples you can grow in containers.

8. Kumquat

Kumquat tree with Kumquat fruits in container

Botanical Name: Citrus japonica

Kumquat is a citrus fruit that resembles oranges in shape and color and is Native to southeast Asia! It grows from 8-15 feet tall in the garden, making it an ideal plant for containers. The dark foliage adorned with white and blooms, and later olive-sized orange fruits add to the beauty of this plant. Some other citrus trees such as lime, tangerines & oranges also do well in containers!

9. Weeping Fig Ficus

Weeping Fig Ficus (Ficus Benjamina) in a pot

Botanical Name: Ficus Benjamina

Growing weeping fig or Java laurel in the container has the advantage that you can protect the plant by moving it indoors in winters. It’s an ornamental tree with shiny green foliage and upright growing habitat. You can grow this tree indoors as well as long as it receives bright indirect light. Another ficus tree that grows in containers is Ficus altissima!

10. Dwarf Palmetto

Sabal minor or dwarf palmetto in a pot

Botanical Name: Sabal minor

Although palm trees are large, you can bring that tropical feel to your backyard with Dwarf palmetto. Growing to around 4 to 5 feet tall, it’s a right palm for containers with an almost non-existent trunk. European fan palm and Sago palm are some other palm trees well-suited for containers.

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11. Pine

pine tree in a pot

Botanical Name: Pinus

Pine trees take us to the holiday season when nothing remains greens in the backyard when it’s snowing except Pine! In fact, Pine trees are also used as Christmas trees but not all Christmas trees are pines! Some of the pine species well-suited for containers are Swiss stone pine, evergreen Japanese red Pine, & Lacebark pine. You can also grow some large pines in containers as well and keep them contained by pruning. Place them on the deck or patio and enjoy the beauty of evergreen pines throughout the year!

12. Common Fig

Ficus carica or common fig in a pot

Botanical Name: Ficus carica

It’s among the oldest cultivated fruit, which tells us a that even our ancestors knew there is nothing like freshly picked figs. The large tropical leaves are deeply lobed with gnarled branches that accentuate the overall look of this tree. Blanche, Brown turkey, Celeste, Blanche & Ventura are some of the best fig cultivars that you can grow in containers. Fiddle leaf fig is another fig that’s grown in container for ornamental purpose!

13. Arborvitae

Arborvitae or Thuja occidentalis in container

Scientific Name: Thuja occidentalis

It’s a widely cultivated ornamental tree that also goes by the name Northern white cedar & Eastern white cedar! The scale or needle-like foliage grows out in a manner that they appear flat, giving it a distinctive appearance. It’s considered a lucky plant in some regions and also known to possess medicinal properties!

14. Bay Laurel

Botanical Name: Laurus nobilis

An aromatic evergreen tree or large shrub with oblong leaves that stands out in any surrounding. It’s not just an ornamental plant as the Bay leaf is an herb, and its leaves are used in cooking as well. Lemon or Olive trees compliment it well as companion plants!

15. Birch Tree

birch tree in pot

Botanical Name: Betula

Birch trees are ideal for large containers making them suitable when you are missing some grandeur! Depending on the variety, it can have a single trunk or grow out in shrubby clusters. For containers, choose a medium to small-sized variety such as Bog Birch or Dwarf Birch!

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