Mother of Millions Vs Mother of Thousands

Mother of Millions Vs Mother of Thousands Plant | What’s the Difference?

Mother of millions and Mother of thousands are often confused for one another. Let’s find out how to differentiate between these two plants in this post! 

Mother of thousands

Mother of millions and Mother of thousands are two most commonly confused plants even though there are significant differences between these two plants. In this post, we’ll discuss the differences between Mother of millions and Mother of thousands based on appearance, care, and other factors. So the next time you come across any one of these plants, you’ll be able to tell them apart in a cinch. 

Plantlets of Mother of millions plant grow on the tip whereas plantlets of Mother of thousands plant grow along the edge of the foliage. Mother of millions plant has narrower leaves compared to Mother of thousands plant with broader leaves that grow in pairs. Mother of millions plants grows on multiple stalks compared to the Mother of thousands plant that grows on a single stalk.


Mother of thousands is Botanically known as Kalanchoe daigremontiana and also goes by the names Alligator plantDevil’s Backbone and Mexican hat plant

Mother of Millions is also known as Chandelier plant and botanically goes by the name Kalanchoe delagoensis


Mother of millions plant

Green fleshy foliage of Mother of Millions has a trademark mottled purple spots that grow on tall stalks. Mother of millions has narrow leaves that grow out from the centre with plantlets growing out from the tips of the foliage. On each leaf, there are 3-4 plantlets or baby plants. These plantlets or baby plants fall and give rise to another mother of millions of plants and so on that’s why it’s considered invasive in regions of Florida, Australia and Africa. Also, the stalks of Mother of millions plant can form bush like patterns as multiple stalks of the same plant rises from the ground. Downwards hanging tubular pinkish flower grow on Mother of millions plant. 

Mother of thousands plant has a single tall stalk that grows upwards on which the foliage grows. It can grow to a height of around 3 feet with leaves growing to 4 to 10 inches in length. The bluish-green leaves are broader than Mother of millions with purple spots present on the underside. Based on appearance a significant distinction between the two plants are the plantlets as it has thousands of greenish-brown baby plants that grow around edges of the leaves. These plantlets drop on their own and give rise to other Mother of thousands plant where they land and root. Although it rarely flowers when it does, it bears small bell-shaped pink flowers.

Care Requirements

As both Mother of millions and Mother of Thousands plant are succulents, their care requirements are almost similar. Both thrive in well-draining loose soil and don’t like to sit in water. Overwatering causes root rot in both the plants so watering once to twice a week is sufficient. They are adaptable to drought, humidity, and mild frost, but if the temperature falls below freezing move these plant indoors. Both require minimal care; in fact, the only thing to worry about is that they can turn invasive. An excellent solution to keep them contained is by growing them in containers. 

Toxic to Pets

Mother of millions and Mother of thousands are both toxic to dogs and cats according to ASPCA. The symptoms include vomiting, diarrhoea, and abnormal heart rhythm. If the symptoms are severe or persistent, consult a vet!

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