Plants for Christmas decoration

Best Plants for Christmas Decoration | Houseplants for Christmas

Make your Christmas more Christmassy with these Charismatic plants! These plants are perfect for Christmas decoration during the festive Christmas season.

With Christmas around the corner, you must be on the lookout for plants that’ll add to the festivities of Christmas. If you are looking for other plants apart from the Christmas tree that’ll glorify the merriment, you have come to the right place. Plants used for Christmas decoration add to the aesthetic and are also of symbolic importance. We enlist below some must-have plants for Christmas decorations that’ll make your Christmas more festive.


poinsettia christmas home decoration

Botanical Name: Euphorbia pulcherrima

Used liberally in Christmas flower displays, Poinsettia is a must-have for Christmas decor. The red bracts are actually leaves and not flowers, unlike popular belief. Although the most popular Poinsettia is red, you can also go for white and cream-colored varieties of Poinsettia.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus Christmas decoration

Botanical Name: Schlumbergera truncata

Nothing beats Christmas Cactus when it’s in full glory in the festival season. It’s a winter-flowering plant and blooms just in time for Christmas, hence the name Christmas cactus. A great option for a holiday gifting Christmas cactus propagates easily.


potted rosemary decorated for christmas

Botanical Name: Salvia rosmarinus

Rosemary is a fragrant herb with needle-like foliage and bears flowers that can be white, pink, purple, or blue. Enhance your Christmas decoration by using rosemary as a tabletop Christmas tree, wreaths, bouquets, and Christmas swag. There is a belief from the middle ages that smelling rosemary on Christmas eve brings health and happiness throughout the year.


holly plant decorated with diamond shaped pendants

Botanical Name: Ilex aquifolium

Also known as Christmas holly or common holly, it’s a stunning plant with red berries and pointed leaves. Red berries symbolize the blood of Jesus on the cross, and pointed leaves represent the crown of thorns worn by Jesus. Hanging holly in the house is believed to bring good fortune and health all year round.


mistletoe decorated with fairy lights

Apart from the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe, it also symbolizes love, peace and vitality. You’ll be surprised to know that mistletoe grows parasitically on host trees. Don’t let this fact deter you from having mistletoe as part of Christmas Decor.

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Christmas rose

Helleborus niger or christmas rose used in christmas decor

Botanical Name: Helleborus niger

Blooming from late autumn to early spring and blooming in the snow makes Christmas rose somewhat unique. The blooms come in a whitish-pink shade and are made up of five petals. You can use the Christmas rose as both potted plant or cut flowers to add to the festivities.

White Chrysanthemum

White autumn bouquet with chrysanthemum

Botanical Name: Dendranthema X grandiflorum

Chrysanthemum is a stunning flower that comes in many colors, but it’s the white chrysanthemum with Christmas in its spirit. All chrysanthemums make wonderful cut flowers and add to the Joy of Christmas. As per an old legend, a peasant family ushered a beggar in the cold.


Hedera helix hanging from ceiling for christmas decoration

Botanical Name: Hedera helix

Also known as English ivy or common ivy, it’s a vining variety of flowering Ivy which you can climb almost anything. Lush green ivy grows well even in the shade, making it ideal for indoor spaces. Use it in wreaths, train it on the stairways, or use your imagination to decorate with ivy.


Amaryllis in pot used for christmas decor (Plants for Christmas decoration)

Botanical Name: Amaryllis

Exotic trumpet-shaped amaryllis flowers growing on leafless stalks are perfect Christmas centerpieces. As the blooming time coincides with Christmas, it also goes by the name Christmas lily. Depending on the cultivar, amaryllis comes in various shapes and colors, among which red and white amaryllis are the most popular. The plant and bulbs are toxic so keep them away from the pets.

Frosty Fern

Frosty Fern (Selaginella kraussiana) growing in pot

Botanical Name: Selaginella kraussiana

Spike moss or Clubmoss are other names for Frosty fern, a type of moss rather than the fern. The new growth has a distinctive white color, hence Frosty fern. To keep them alive for Christmas cheer, make sure to have high humidity levels around the plant.

Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid growing in the pot on windowsill

Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis

Brighten up the surrounding during the cold winters with stunning and elegant orchids. At first glance, orchids appear to be high maintenance, but that’s not true. Give them bright light and avoid overwatering, and they’ll bloom just in time for Christmas.

Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine or Araucaria heterophylla in pot

Botanical Name: Araucaria heterophylla

It’s an adorable houseplant that also works as a little Christmas tree and is perfect for tabletops and centerpieces. As they are tropical plants, it’s important to protect them from cold when the temperature falls below 35 degrees F. Also, keep the surroundings humid, especially in winters when the air is dry.


cyclamen growing in pot

Botanical Name: Cyclamen

Heart-shaped leaves and blooms coming in red, white, and pink shades make it an excellent addition to indoor space during the festive season. Cyclamen goes through dormancy after blooming but will bloom back after a couple of months. Stop watering once you see the signs of dormancy.

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